Should you enroll at Full Sail University?

A little more than two years ago, I decided I should attempt college before I get too old. At the time, I was 19 years old, living with my wife-to-be with one child and another on the way (Yeah, I know, grew up quickly), and was working as a CNA at a nursing home. I thought I wanted to get my nursing degree and go work in a mental hospital and see where that would take me later on in life, but anyone who works or knows what a CNA does knows it a very “dirty” job. So I thought back to what I really enjoyed doing when I was even younger. I’ve always had fond memories of playing games, so I looked for online schools that had any game based degrees, and lone and behold, I found Full Sail and enrolled in their Game Design course. Here I am two years later, with 6 months left tell graduation letting any want to be Game Designer a bit about my experience with Full Sail and game design in general.

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