Monthly “Life” Update: January 2018

So, I’ve been working on a game for the past year and a half now. However, due to life events I have yet to touch the project on it for close to 5-6 months. When I first started this game, I had hardly any coding experience and with the stuff I have learned within the last few months, I decided to scrap parts of what I have created and started to piece together a new foundation for De-Thieved. I won’t talk too much about the game here, as I have a site already created for a progress update, and eventually a site for the “company” I will be selling it from. However, this site is still in the works, but there isn’t much to update on, other then I started fresh.

However, I will talk about how my current job is affecting the production on De-Thieved.  For those of you who don’t know, I work at a restaurant as a prep chef, while also attending school at Full Sail University. This would already create a busy schedule for most people and with trying to better my education with a Game Design you might be thinking that I would be trying to enter the Game Industry by getting a job at large company such as Ubisoft or Beth Continue reading “Monthly “Life” Update: January 2018″