Software used to create De-Thieved, a visual novel.

With a lot of different software available for game developers, finding the right tools to create your game can take some time. Even with a water-down game such as s visual novel, finding the best software for a good price was harder than I originally thought. When I started De-Thieved, I spent a good sum of time trying to find the right resources and programs to before I started production*, and to my surprise, information about comparing different software was scarce. So, here is my attempt to try and help clarify some things. Continue reading “Software used to create De-Thieved, a visual novel.”

Creating video game Characters that are easy to write with.

Let’s face the truth real quick, writing can be hard. It can be even harder without having a cast that doesn’t feel alive. How does one create such a feeling in fictional characters that are born out of inspiration, or even more difficult, born out of necessity to simply fit the plot of the story? This hurdle can be a hassle for not only the writers of movies and books but for game designers. We designers have the responsibility of keeping player options in mind, meaning every action must have a reaction.

Thus, certain actions and decisions will most likely affect the supporting characters within the game world, and without a clear character design, it can be hard to think of the proper reaction for said character.

So, to aid my fellow designers that might find themselves in the same shoes as I was in, here is a list of guidelines I use when I started to design my own characters. Continue reading “Creating video game Characters that are easy to write with.”