TOP 10 Reasons why you should hire me Gaming Instincts!

#1: Bachelors Degree in Game Design


I spent 2 1/2 years getting my degree in Game Design at Full Sail University. I graduated with decent grades and was even part of NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars).  With this degree under my belt, Continue reading “TOP 10 Reasons why you should hire me Gaming Instincts!”

Software used to create De-Thieved, a visual novel.

With a lot of different software available for game developers, finding the right tools to create your game can take some time. Even with a water-down game such as s visual novel, finding the best software for a good price was harder than I originally thought. When I started De-Thieved, I spent a good sum of time trying to find the right resources and programs to before I started production*, and to my surprise, information about comparing different software was scarce. So, here is my attempt to try and help clarify some things. Continue reading “Software used to create De-Thieved, a visual novel.”

Creating video game Characters that are easy to write with.

Let’s face the truth real quick, writing can be hard. It can be even harder without having a cast that doesn’t feel alive. How does one create such a feeling in fictional characters that are born out of inspiration, or even more difficult, born out of necessity to simply fit the plot of the story? This hurdle can be a hassle for not only the writers of movies and books but for game designers. We designers have the responsibility of keeping player options in mind, meaning every action must have a reaction.

Thus, certain actions and decisions will most likely affect the supporting characters within the game world, and without a clear character design, it can be hard to think of the proper reaction for said character.

So, to aid my fellow designers that might find themselves in the same shoes as I was in, here is a list of guidelines I use when I started to design my own characters. Continue reading “Creating video game Characters that are easy to write with.”

De-Thieved: FriendUp App Progress

One of the unique features I wanted to implement into De-Thieved to give it more of a video game feel than a Visual Novel feel is the FriendsUp App. This app will be the main source of stored information for the player. Furthering a character’s story will allow the player to learn more information about any of the main classmates, and most of this information will be stored here for easy access.


Continue reading “De-Thieved: FriendUp App Progress”

Update #2: Here It Comes.

In two weeks I will have graduated from Full Sail University. After two and a half years, I will have finally finished my formal education towards the design of video games. I prepared my self for this occasion by researching all local Game Studios in my area, and, not surprisingly, there is only one small indie company registered in Iowa. Unforchantly they are small enough to not need any more people to join their team to produce great games. My other option is to move to a new city and take my chances in getting an industry job and work with a large team. Continue reading “Update #2: Here It Comes.”

Monthly “Life” Update: January 2018

So, I’ve been working on a game for the past year and a half now. However, due to life events I have yet to touch the project on it for close to 5-6 months. When I first started this game, I had hardly any coding experience and with the stuff I have learned within the last few months, I decided to scrap parts of what I have created and started to piece together a new foundation for De-Thieved. I won’t talk too much about the game here, as I have a site already created for a progress update, and eventually a site for the “company” I will be selling it from. However, this site is still in the works, but there isn’t much to update on, other then I started fresh.

However, I will talk about how my current job is affecting the production on De-Thieved.  For those of you who don’t know, I work at a restaurant as a prep chef, while also attending school at Full Sail University. This would already create a busy schedule for most people and with trying to better my education with a Game Design you might be thinking that I would be trying to enter the Game Industry by getting a job at large company such as Ubisoft or Beth Continue reading “Monthly “Life” Update: January 2018″

Should you enroll at Full Sail University?

A little more than two years ago, I decided I should attempt college before I get too old. At the time, I was 19 years old, living with my wife-to-be with one child and another on the way (Yeah, I know, grew up quickly), and was working as a CNA at a nursing home. I thought I wanted to get my nursing degree and go work in a mental hospital and see where that would take me later on in life, but anyone who works or knows what a CNA does knows it a very “dirty” job. So I thought back to what I really enjoyed doing when I was even younger. I’ve always had fond memories of playing games, so I looked for online schools that had any game based degrees, and lone and behold, I found Full Sail and enrolled in their Game Design course. Here I am two years later, with 6 months left tell graduation letting any want to be Game Designer a bit about my experience with Full Sail and game design in general.

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