TOP 10 Reasons why you should hire me Gaming Instincts!

#1: Bachelors Degree in Game Design


I spent 2 1/2 years getting my degree in Game Design at Full Sail University. I graduated with decent grades and was even part of NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars).  With this degree under my belt, along with too much student debt to want to think about, I feel as if I am able to recognize some game design patters and point them out and explain how it helps or hinders the game in question. While in college as well, I got extremely talented in organization and teamwork communications, mostly between two different parties, i.e. Game Artist and Game Developers.

#2: Have a Great (Right Now) Gaming Computer


I grew up playing games on the couch, hardly ever touching a computer for games. However, with more of a selection and with my college career choice I have come to realize how awesome PC gaming can be. Even though I still prefer console’s over PCs I still purchased a computer with a 1080ti and other specs that are shown in the picture above. I am able to run most if not all games right now, even though I spend the majority of my computer time reading articles, watching youtube, and putting stuff in my Amazon cart I know i’ll take out tomorrow.

#3: Cozy Writing Nook


After moving into a new house earlier this year, I needed a place to get away to work on my own video game. With no spare room upstairs, and an unfinished basement, I took to Youtube and learned what I could on how to “finish a basement” to make an office. Seeing as I am a major coffee lover, and my game company name is Xpresso Games, I went with a cozy cafe theme. I find it helps me get a place to go and really put my creative juices to the test!

#4: Laptop for Travel


However, when the creative juices just aren’t flowing anymore, it helps that I can go outside, to coffee shop, or the park and get a change of scenery to help me shake the cobwebs off. Plus if I ever need to travel anywhere, I don’t have an excuse not to work….

#5: I Don’t Give Up (Super Stubborn)


I have been playing Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and have died and got back up more times in this game on a mini boss then I ever have before. But I am going to beat this game if it’s the last thing I do. I am like this with every game, but not only beat the game, but see every part of the game there is to offer. Four different endings means four different play throughs. The only thing that stops me from finishing a game is if it gets too scary for me. I am a baby.

#6: Loves In-Depth Looks at Small Details

cd disc magnifying glass
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If you want to know the backstory behind every Persona/ Shin Megami Tensei monster backstory, I am your man. If you want to learn more about Dark Souls Lore, here I am. Need a Top Ten Most Missable Easter Eggs in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Attack of the Twonkies, you know who to call. I find the little stuff in games to be the most interesting.

#7: Likes (or at least tries to) All Games

affection board broken broken hearted
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I will give any game a shot. When I first purchased Dragons Age Origins, I put it down and didn’t touch if for years because of the style of combat in the tutorial section of the game. However, years later I gave it another shot, and low and behold, it is one of my favorite series in gaming history now. After that, I have decided to give any and all games the benefit of the doubt.

#8: Excellent/Borderline Obsessive Self Scheduler

So I am technically my own underpaid employee at Xpresso Games. However, I tend to micro manage myself with multiple schedules for each particular role in game development. To stick to this schedule, I then tend to schedule the rest of my life around that. I watch the clock closely even on my days off, and only feel relaxed after the due date is past, even if I have finished the work hours in advance.

#9: Quick to Write

adult books business coffee
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I saw your post looking for Top List Writers and made this within a few hours while making supper and putting the kids to bed. When I have stuff I am passionate about, I will put time and effort into it when ever I have to time to(I’m normally free). I have never really enjoyed righting about anything, but the more I write about video games and about things I am passionate about, the more I enjoy the work.

#10: I Want To

man and woman handshake
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I really would love to be part of your team. I have made video games a main staple in my life, and I believe that there are many reasons why that it should be a more common thing, instead of something to look down on. I love to talk about games with people and love to share and hear back others opinions on the same topic. Not only do I want to be part off Gaming Instincts team, but I have a gut feeling I’d be a great fit.

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