De-Thieved: FriendUp App Progress

One of the unique features I wanted to implement into De-Thieved to give it more of a video game feel than a Visual Novel feel is the FriendsUp App. This app will be the main source of stored information for the player. Furthering a character’s story will allow the player to learn more information about any of the main classmates, and most of this information will be stored here for easy access.


Not only will this be used to keep characters information easy to access, but it will also store the information for the six main attributes the player will be able to increase through different choices and events within De-Thieved.


However, that is not the most exciting part of the FriendUp app I want to share with all of you. The main home page will show a dynamic list of posts from classmates you have befriended. Each post will help deepen the main story, each character’s own story, hints about what they would like, or where they like to spend most of their free time.

The post space will even allow the player to like another person post. allowing for a slight increase in friendship!

The FriendUp app will not only add a cool looking menu to the game to keep all your information stored, but also create a new level of depth within the Visual Novel genre. I can’t wait to share a working prototype with you guys!

If you want to learn more about De-Thieved, Click This!, and to hear about the newest details follow me on Twitter and the Xpresso Facebook Page!

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