Update #2: Here It Comes.

In two weeks I will have graduated from Full Sail University. After two and a half years, I will have finally finished my formal education towards the design of video games. I prepared my self for this occasion by researching all local Game Studios in my area, and, not surprisingly, there is only one small indie company registered in Iowa. Unforchantly they are small enough to not need any more people to join their team to produce great games. My other option is to move to a new city and take my chances in getting an industry job and work with a large team.

This is also not an option due to wanting to stay close to family, which leaves me with my final option, create my own Game Company. The workload to do so is great, but rewarding if the aspect of creating your own game and having the creative freedom is appealing to you.

I have been working on registering myself as a company to get all of the wait and paperwork that comes with an LLC for the past 2 months and have established what is needed. I am officially the founder of Xpresso LLC. I have a game in the works and have been focusing on creating a cool looking logo that I would be proud of.

Once I have graduated, I will be giving monthly updates to this site, and hopefully will be able to post something that doesn’t revolve around the game. I don’t wish this site to become the main platform for the game’s development, but I have created another site to keep people updated on the game and will add a link to that site once I have it to a showable state.

I am ready and excited to see where all this goes. I hope you’ll join me in seeing where this takes us!


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